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The Crisp White Shirt: Part 1


white shirt 2This is our first fashion blog post so we are very excited! Our fashion ‘know-it-alls” were brainstorming on what the very first post should be about and decided that since it’s summer it should be something light. Ideas flew back and forth, the line from The Devil Wears Prada “Florals for Spring, ground-breaking” was thrown into the mix as a means to dispell the “light = summer” debate. But then I remembered someone saying to me once,” Everyone should own a crisp, white shirt! Man or woman, you simply must have one.” And there the idea was born…”The Crisp White Shirt”. images

Because there are so many things to say about this particular subject, we are doing it in parts! So, this week we will just be focusing on the shirt itself and why you SHOULD have it!

Once You Go White

Now, whatever your job or profession, whether it be waitress or Miranda Priestly herself – the basic white shirt is a must have. You can wear it with anything and definitely wear it to any occasion. We will talk more about the style, fabric, texture in more detail in the next post!

Kim Kardashian looks stunning in this basic white shirt, which she couples with a pair of jeans for a GREAT casual look


Angelina Jolie really turning up the GLAM!

That's one way to detract attention from Brad's cane Angelina Jolie dons tight leather skirt as she and Pitt attend Critics' Circle Awards   2

For the guys: A white shirt is something that is great for any event or occasion! If you are wearing a suit for a formal dinner or interview a white shirt is the perfect item of clothing. You can even wear it for a casual Sunday outing.

The white shirt is a fashion basic. Even if you don’t know anything about fashion or suffer from lack of style or fashion sense, like my sister, know that this is the a step in the right direction.

Both Brad’s looking great: Cooper with the formal suit and Pitt going casual!



In short, the white shirt goes with anything and everything!

Look out for part 2 of “The Crisp White Shirt” next week, where we will talk about style, cut, fabric…

And remember, being healthy doesn’t only mean eating well. It is also about having healthy fashion sense and making good fashion choices.