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Sleeping On Demand: Are You Getting Enough Sleep?


The other day I was telling a good friend of mine that I can “Sleep On Demand”. Meaning that when I tell myself I am going to sleep, I do it. I don’t suffer the insomnia everyone talks about. My friends even say that I am narcoleptic! I guess I am just lucky that way because for some people getting enough sleep is really a problem.

This Is Why Sleep Is Vital


Count Those Sheep

  1. A great sleeping environment: Make your bedroom a good place to sleep. It should be nice and quiet and try to get the right temperature.
  2. Try and relax: Take hot bath or shower, or read a good book
  3. Get your breathing right: Breathing correctly and learning some good breathing techniques will help bring down the levels of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that keeps you awake.
  4. Build a night time routine: Get into a night time ritual that you can follow before bedtime each night.

The Grinch That Stole Sleep images

  1. Nicotine: This is a stimulant. Don’t smoke if you can’t fall asleep.
  2. Caffeine: Another stimulant that should not be taken 4-6 hours before sleep time.
  3. Heavy Meals: If you get hungry before bedtime, eat a light healthy snack
  4. Exercise: Try not to exercise too close to your bedtime.

So, don’t think you are the party pooper for leaving the party early. Sleeping is important to your health and well being.

Happy Sleeping!


Time To Kick The Butt In The Butt!!!


I have been a smoker for quite some time now, almost 12 years to be exact. I am finding that as I get older I am starting to smoke more and this is becoming bothersome. Well, I guess I should be worried in general…because smoking is harmful and addictive

In the quest to live a healthier life, I have decided to stop smoking! Not this instant but I am attempting it after my last pack is finished. I know you are probably rolling your eyes thinking “Just throw the damn pack away now”. And maybe I should but to be quite honest, I actually enjoy smoking and it’s going to be very hard to let go.

I think in order for me to be successful in my attempt to kick the habit I have to acknowledge the things I love about smoking:

  1. It’s fun to smoke while I’m driving, window down, one hand on the wheel and the other holding a cigarette.
  2. After a great Sunday lunch, just sitting down and having a smoke is simply relaxing.
  3. A cigarette with a glass of wine or whiskey is divine.
  4. And the ultimate indulgence is waking up, making a good cup of coffee and having that first smoke of the day.

What I will also miss is the social aspect of smoking. Let’s face it; smoking can at times be a social thing and dare I say it….COOL!.

If there are people in your work place who smoke, I’m sure they will be more than willing to have you join the “gang”. This is where you will hear all the office gossip, get cooking advice, hear all sorts of funny stories and anecdotes. More often than not you will end up becoming friends.

I have to let all of these things go and make a mental commitment to STOP!

To others this may sound weird but I am sure you have other things or vices that you indulge in? I’m not even going to go into detail about the side-effects of smoking because we know what they are.

Suprise Surprise

I was visiting a friend the other day and he informed me that he quit smoking, which was really surprising because he is a heavy smoker…well…was.  One of my close friends has also decided to quit and my first thought was “What’s going on with the world?” But then I realised that world would probably be a small bit better if there were less smokers around.


So now I am at the precipice of giving it all up and I’m wondering “How?”

Someone mentioned hypnosis! I am wondering if I am that far gone and need to go this route?

Cold turkey? Or just concentrate on smoking a little less every day? Maybe start by getting away from that morning fag with coffee?

Have any of you out there quit smoking or attempted it? Please share your story and perhaps your methods with those of us who are about to undertake this journey. Its bit like giving up sugar isn’t it – you want to stop because you know it’s good for you but you also don’t want to stop because it’s so GOOD!