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Face First Friday’s – The Self Face Steam Treatment


I have always wanted to get into a skin care regime but “never find the time” (which is just such a lame excuse). So, I have decided that Friday is Face Day!

I have always been one prone to acne breakouts and with an oily skin to boot it has really resulted in me having pores which seem really large. However, your age and genetics may also play a part in the appearance of your pores. And something MUST be done to make it look better.

Someone told me about a facial steam and it being good for the skin and then I thought about going to have a professional facial steam but realised they were quite pricey! Then I had the light bulb moment and thought “I could do it myself”

This is something that both males and females can do! GUYS – because being healthy doesn’t exclude healthy skin! I have a hunch that the ladies like a guy that has great glowing skin.

steam-faceLike Earth, Wind and Fire Says: “The Reasons”

  • You will widen the clogged pores and allow it to be cleansed and clear the pores of toxins (PLEASE NOTE: this is not a deep cleanse)
  • It will assist you in removing blackheads, whiteheads and pimples

The Benefits

The high temperature of the steam will allow the pores to open and give the products you use the chance to really penetrate and reach deeper into your skin cells – which in turn gives it a real chance to do the work you want it to do. CREATE BETTER, CLEANER AND CLEARER SKIN!


LADIES: Make sure you have removed all your make up!

1: Start by boiling a pot of water or simply use the kettle. Once the water has boiled, take it off the oven and just pour the water into a large bowl. You can add some fresh herbs to create a fresh scent, for example:

Oily skin – If you are prone to oily skin, try adding thyme, peppermint, or lemon.

Sensitive skin – If you are prone to sensitive skin, try adding chamomile or lime.

Normal skin – Those with normal skin can try adding Rose, rosemary or lavender.

2: Place your head directly over the bowl so that your face is above the rising steam. You will need to have a nice clean towel at hand so that you can cover your head and stop the steam from making its escape!

3: You can stay in this position for about 10-15 minutes! Once done and all the steam is gone, rinse your face with lukewarm water.

 4: Once this is done, you can use a good toner on your skin. Or simply go right into doing a face mask. The best time to apply your face mask is after steaming your face, because the pores are open and the mask will be able to penetrate deeply into the skin.

 5: If you wish, you can tone again.

 6: Apply your moisturiser or night cream

 7: Have some tea and relax your body and face

Steaming your face twice a week and it will not harm or disturb your skin. If you are feeling any burning or discomfort please get assistance and stop what you are doing IMMEDIATELY!