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The Crisp White Shirt: Part 1


white shirt 2This is our first fashion blog post so we are very excited! Our fashion ‘know-it-alls” were brainstorming on what the very first post should be about and decided that since it’s summer it should be something light. Ideas flew back and forth, the line from The Devil Wears Prada “Florals for Spring, ground-breaking” was thrown into the mix as a means to dispell the “light = summer” debate. But then I remembered someone saying to me once,” Everyone should own a crisp, white shirt! Man or woman, you simply must have one.” And there the idea was born…”The Crisp White Shirt”. images

Because there are so many things to say about this particular subject, we are doing it in parts! So, this week we will just be focusing on the shirt itself and why you SHOULD have it!

Once You Go White

Now, whatever your job or profession, whether it be waitress or Miranda Priestly herself – the basic white shirt is a must have. You can wear it with anything and definitely wear it to any occasion. We will talk more about the style, fabric, texture in more detail in the next post!

Kim Kardashian looks stunning in this basic white shirt, which she couples with a pair of jeans for a GREAT casual look


Angelina Jolie really turning up the GLAM!

That's one way to detract attention from Brad's cane Angelina Jolie dons tight leather skirt as she and Pitt attend Critics' Circle Awards   2

For the guys: A white shirt is something that is great for any event or occasion! If you are wearing a suit for a formal dinner or interview a white shirt is the perfect item of clothing. You can even wear it for a casual Sunday outing.

The white shirt is a fashion basic. Even if you don’t know anything about fashion or suffer from lack of style or fashion sense, like my sister, know that this is the a step in the right direction.

Both Brad’s looking great: Cooper with the formal suit and Pitt going casual!



In short, the white shirt goes with anything and everything!

Look out for part 2 of “The Crisp White Shirt” next week, where we will talk about style, cut, fabric…

And remember, being healthy doesn’t only mean eating well. It is also about having healthy fashion sense and making good fashion choices.


Raging Road Running Tunes


Are you are doing some jogging/road running and need some inspiration? These songs will get you excited about putting on your trainers and going for that run!

This one always gets me going WITHOUT FAIL! CRAZY IN LOVE WITH RUNNING

I recently discovered this one and it really got me EXCITED to go running…the day BEFORE I actually went out running

You CAN’T NOT be inspired and excited when you hear this one! This song is ROCKY and it is for a real SURVIVOR! Makes me want to climb those stairs and do air punches for real!

This one is JUST FUN and you have to have a little bit of DISCO while running! RUN TO FUNKY TOWN!

And this one is just because, to my great dismay, I DIDN’T KNOW WHO Foster The People were! How could I not know???

What are some of your favourites? Post your video on our Facebook wall and share some inspiration!

Do You Have A Friend With Benefits?


friends-with-benefits-movie-poster-02I just realised that I don’t have a “friends with benefits” relationship in my life! Lots of people that I know have these types of situations and it got me thinking that I surely must be missing out on something right?

Someone with a GREAT body, full of ENERGY and who can GIVE it to every single time you NEED it!

If you were thinking Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis – you are dead WRONG!

The Benefactor

I realised that I don’t have a person or group of people who are encouraging me to be healthy and fit! And to be honest, I need that! I can motivate myself a little but I do need lots of encouragement. This leads me to the benefits part. I suddenly realised that I needed to make new acquaintances that are serious about living healthy and being fit. I did research, yes, going online does help in this endeavour! It is how I discovered one of my new friends, Revolution Nutrition FitClub, who is AWESOME!  134847_296528267119669_89033524_o

The Hot & Sweaty Benefits

I am going to join the first workout session of the year today, with my new friend right there by my side for encouragement and “the benefits”. What might these benefits be you ask?

And yes…you will be hot and sweaty too!

511BPhone A Friend

Don’t forget, you don’t have to troll the net to make new friends! Simply ask and find out from your current ones if they want to be healthy and get in shape as much as you do. It’s a simple question which requires a simple answer. If the reply is too complicated, DON’T pursue it!

I was fortunate enough to have a friend who is totally willing to join me on the quest for good health and a better physique! Said friend will join me with my new friend tonight…

Make sure that you are getting the right BENEFITS from your FRIENDS! And in turn you will benefit them too.

2013: What to do?


It’s always so cliché to talk about the New Year but what else is there to talk about? A great many things I suppose, however, this topic is probably the most pressing as we all like talking and thinking about what WE are going to do in the New Year!

How we are going to change the world, do more charity, lose weight, live healthier, be kinder, take more risks…the resolutions and “to do” lists are endless…. 2011-year-resolution-400x400

The more pressing question is: What ARE you REALLY going to do?

That eternal question

My question stands: What are you really going to do and achieve during the New Year?

And…It’s something that I think we start off seriously wanting to do but then along the way it dwindles! The desire to do those things leave us and we get caught up with so many others things because life is not predictable after all. However, it’s how we deal with those unpredictable moments that will propel us and motivate us to keep forging on and still be PASSIONATE about the things we set out to do!

So, I have decided to be more determined than ever to accomplish the goals I have set!

I have decided to write them on paper, stick it up in my room where I can see them every day. And not only have these goals but also writing down a timeline.

My Wish list:

These are the things that I would like to implement this year:

  • Being more considerate of others
  • Starting my home gym
  • Eating healthier
  • Show more interest in my family
  • Give more of myself to my friends and others
  • Love more and hate less

For now, these 6 things are things that I really need to concentrate on because right now they are important to me! As the year goes on and I have scraped these from my goals list I will add more which I wish to achieve.

Sink or Swim

New-Years-Resolutions-e1356567019488This blog has really been such a cool space for me this past month to help and motivate me. My hope is that any of you out there will be able to share your ideas and journey with me and others…

So, tell me some of your goals and how you plan to achieve them. You may have a different view on how to do things and it may be helpful to me as well as others.

This is my last post for 2012…HAVE A BLAST AND HAPPY NEW!

What is GOOD Health?


jennifer-lopez-body-300x225I have often wondered and thought about the question of good health. What does it mean to be healthy? Do I have to eat vegetables all day long? Exercise 7 days a week…and more importantly, do we have to have a J.Lo body or abs like Brad Pitt to be considered healthy? I say BULLSHIT!!!!!

So here’s the skinny!!

I need to just say this first. I, personally think that Jennifer Lopez looks amazing, Brad Pitt is in great shape and well done to them. However, I think what we need to understand is a) They have to look that way for their jobs and b) they also struggle, just like we do with staying or eating healthy. It’s a vicious circle because just as much as we want to see healthy and good looking people on TV and in magazines, we blame the media for our distorted image of beauty and health! So…GET OVER IT!  eye-candy-brad-pitt-16


Don’t look to a magazine or public figure to determine your worth or health! Be aware that they can be someone you look up to or get inspiration from but also realise that they have worked just as hard to get there and SO DO YOU! Be conscious of the fact that you can start living a healthy life if YOU put your mind to it! Get yourself motivated, get yourself in the right frame of mind, get SELF-HEALTHY!

The Health Ultimatum

  1. Get your mind right
  2. Start believing in yourself
  3. Write down the things that will help you live healthier
  4. Ask others for help
  5. Most importantly get OFF YOUR ASS and DO IT!

What Good Health Is To Me

I think that good health is not necessarily being skinny or buff like the guys on Jersey Shore. terry-richardson-jersey-shore-01 It’s all about balance. Eating the correct foods, have an eating plan that caters to your body’s needs and wants. EAT  pizza if you want to, just not the entire thing, have one or two slices.  pepperoni-pizza-sl-1599569-lEverything in moderation. You don’t have to exercise 7 days a week. You will tire your body and brain! Having a tired and over-worked brain is not conducive to good health either. Do things that you enjoy besides thinking about whether you look thin or not. Go ice skating, walk along the beach, take a dance class!  Being healthy doesn’t have to include having a 6-pack! Having a good balance and managing to make sure you eat correctly, get in some exercise, rest well and make sure your mind is working and active – you are well on your way to GOOD HEALTH!

What do think good health is or should be? Let me know….

Time To Kick The Butt In The Butt!!!


I have been a smoker for quite some time now, almost 12 years to be exact. I am finding that as I get older I am starting to smoke more and this is becoming bothersome. Well, I guess I should be worried in general…because smoking is harmful and addictive

In the quest to live a healthier life, I have decided to stop smoking! Not this instant but I am attempting it after my last pack is finished. I know you are probably rolling your eyes thinking “Just throw the damn pack away now”. And maybe I should but to be quite honest, I actually enjoy smoking and it’s going to be very hard to let go.

I think in order for me to be successful in my attempt to kick the habit I have to acknowledge the things I love about smoking:

  1. It’s fun to smoke while I’m driving, window down, one hand on the wheel and the other holding a cigarette.
  2. After a great Sunday lunch, just sitting down and having a smoke is simply relaxing.
  3. A cigarette with a glass of wine or whiskey is divine.
  4. And the ultimate indulgence is waking up, making a good cup of coffee and having that first smoke of the day.

What I will also miss is the social aspect of smoking. Let’s face it; smoking can at times be a social thing and dare I say it….COOL!.

If there are people in your work place who smoke, I’m sure they will be more than willing to have you join the “gang”. This is where you will hear all the office gossip, get cooking advice, hear all sorts of funny stories and anecdotes. More often than not you will end up becoming friends.

I have to let all of these things go and make a mental commitment to STOP!

To others this may sound weird but I am sure you have other things or vices that you indulge in? I’m not even going to go into detail about the side-effects of smoking because we know what they are.

Suprise Surprise

I was visiting a friend the other day and he informed me that he quit smoking, which was really surprising because he is a heavy smoker…well…was.  One of my close friends has also decided to quit and my first thought was “What’s going on with the world?” But then I realised that world would probably be a small bit better if there were less smokers around.


So now I am at the precipice of giving it all up and I’m wondering “How?”

Someone mentioned hypnosis! I am wondering if I am that far gone and need to go this route?

Cold turkey? Or just concentrate on smoking a little less every day? Maybe start by getting away from that morning fag with coffee?

Have any of you out there quit smoking or attempted it? Please share your story and perhaps your methods with those of us who are about to undertake this journey. Its bit like giving up sugar isn’t it – you want to stop because you know it’s good for you but you also don’t want to stop because it’s so GOOD!

Let’s Get The Healthy Started


This is the official first post on the “Let’s Live Healthily” blog and it’s all very EXCITING! Its taken a while to set up and get things right for smooth operation but I know that it may yet take some time to get things the way I really want them…

This will be an open space/forum for everyone to talk about health, living healthy lives and what we can do to be happy and healthy – whatever your age!

I have started my own personal journey, in the quest to be healthy, and in THIS way I would like to share my thoughts and journey with you in the hopes that it will help and inspire…

So, to read more about being healthy and happy you are more than welcome to follow me and also SHARE your ideas and thoughts!

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions on how to make things better or look nicer, please let me know.