What’s Your Breakfast Like


I had such a good breakfast that I had to share it with you and also ask “What do you like to have for breakfast?”

I always read that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so I am making sure that I get mine!

My Breakfast

Egg white omelette: consisting to 2 egg whites, green and red peppers, chopped onions, cheese and ham. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian you can simply exclude the ham and add something else that tickles your taste buds. The onions and peppers are great for flavour so I didn’t have to add any salt.

A small avocado and one rice cake with “no added sugar” peanut butter completed my meal! IMG_1562

The End

It was great, I felt full and ready to take on the day! I also had my snack, which was GREAT…Some yummy nuts!

What does your breakfast consist of…let me know so that I can try it.

PS.  It’s LUNCH TIME now and I get to eat again, which I LOVE!


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